Bring any video to the big screen with Nova CTV

Convert any video, including social video, into a production-ready CTV ad in minutes.


The best CTV creative at a fraction of the cost.

The addressability of CTV puts more focus on the creative you run. How are you engaging and building relationships with different audiences?

Now you can build the creative in minutes, testing multiple versions across different audiences to elevate your campaign performance. With Nova, the cost of creative remains small, and scales with the reach of your campaign. 

Two Creative Options

Social CTV

The simplest way to build great-looking CTV ads. Start with your favorite social video, and add social icons, your brand logo, on-screen text, and a QR code as needed. Develop the best CTV ad in a matter of minutes.

Custom CTV

Want to customize your CTV ad beyond our standard Social CTV format? With Custom CTV, you can adjust screen layouts, overlays, backgrounds and fonts to craft the look you want. Go from concept to finished ad in under 20 minutes, without a designer. 

Compatible with all VAST-enabled programmatic CTV inventory, including these major streaming providers:

Compatible with HuluCompatible with RokuCompatible with NetflixCompatible with ParamountCompatible with PeacockCompatible with TubiCompatible with amazon fire

Nova CTV Features

Socially inspired

Socially Inspired

Start with your most engaging social video, or any video asset to serve as the foundation of your CTV ad.



Add a QR code, caption, call-to-action, end-cards, or customize color and fonts to generate the best CTV ad for your brand.

Vertical Video

Vertical Video

With Nova’s CTV templates, you can extend your favorite vertical videos naturally onto large format horizontal screens. 

Creative Automation

Creative Automation

With one click, you can import your video asset and produce a high-quality CTV ad in just a matter of minutes.

Live Preview

Live Preview

Preview live changes to the ad as you build, so you don’t have to wait for updates to render.

Vast Enabled

VAST Enabled

Serve your CTV ad through any programmatic inventory, including major streaming services that support VAST protocols.

How it Works

Whether you are building your first CTV ad, or looking to add social sizzle to an existing campaign, you can follow three simple steps:

Step 1

Identify the video you want for CTV. Import that video into Nova.

Step 2

Modify the video as needed, easily adding logos, captions, colors, effects and QR codes.

Step 3

Once the creative is ready, generate the ad tag to run the video across all VAST-enabled digital video inventory, including all major CTV providers.


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