Build bridges, not walls

Advertising needs to work everywhere and for everyone, not only for some people or in some places. 

Nova is the bridge to go from here to there.

Nova is accelerating investment in the talent and technology powering Social Display

A truly global & mindful team


Nova team members


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Hours spent in meditation by the Nova team last year


Kunal Gupta

Founder & CEO

Launched in 2021, Nova was spun out of Polar, a business that he founded and continues to run today.

Kunal advises several mental health organizations, teaches meditation and yoga, and writes regularly about leadership, culture and mindfulness on his blog.

Connect with Kunal on LinkedIn.

Market leadership

Mehida Ahmed

North America

Sadad Anwar


Thip Balakrishnan

North America

Ana Chavez

Latin America

Lucia Clavares

Latin America

Alexis Condotta

North America

Stefania Ghilardi 


Angelo Greggi


Ratna Juita


 Michele Martinez


Juan Matheos


Sara Mohammadi Azad

North America

Javier Plana


Jimmy Poon

Hong Kong & Taiwan

Antonio Rayo

Latin America

David Rayo

Latin America

Raquel Rayo

Latin America

Milan Reintarz

South East Asia

Jair Roa


Melissa Santiago


Akito Sato


Hari Shankar

South East Asia

Aaron Spence

North America

Esther Suquet


Yoichi Tanaka


Phil Tran

North America

Elizabeth Tse

North America

Gustavo Vallejo

Latin America

Rocky Wang

North America

Robyn Whitehead

United Kingdom

Evangel Yip

North America

A bridge, from here to there

The future of work

The Someday Experiment

The week has seven days in it and none of them are called "someday". Nova is experimenting with a four-day work week, to make space for someday, today.

Work From Anywhere

Nova permanently closed its physical office spaces in New York, Toronto, London and Sydney, and has embraced a fully distributed culture on a long-term basis.

Flowday & Flowtime

Tuesdays at Nova have been renamed to Flowday, with no internal meetings to encourage distraction-free days.

Additionally, Nova has a meeting-light, Slack-light and no internal email culture to encourage Flowtime daily.


The future of advertising



The state of digital media Q1 2021

Industry trends to watch in 2021, global ad spend forecasts and insights into the future of work. 


Facebook takes over the world

Facebook will soon become the largest advertising company in the world, even larger than Google. 


Advertising creative during a crisis

We are not only witness to, but all active participants now in an ocean of crises. 

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