Creative automation

Unlock your creative potential

Nova’s creative technology unlocks high performing social assets from social media platforms and brings them to Web, mobile, and TV screens, beating standard display inventory performance by 5-10x.

Image showing the same ad in different formats (Mobile, Desktop, CTV) with Nova

Your best ads deserve the biggest audience

We’re big believers in two things: strong creative and enabling brands to use their best work wherever they want. Nova’s technology platform allows brands to select any social creative in virtually any format, and repurpose it as an open display ad in seconds.

The end result is always customizable, too. Want to show, change, or hide social platform badges? No problem. Want to link the ad to any destination (not just back to the original social platform)? Easily done. Want to push your creative presentation even further with custom CTA color palette and copy? Or crop the initial creative if display inventory sizes are limited? It’s not just easy, we see higher performance from simple adjustments you can make yourself.

Creative remains the greatest driver of ad performance. It’s time you fully unlock yours with Nova.

Our “one touch” approach

Outline of all social creative Nova supports (Carousels, stories, vertical video, photos, links)

01. Select any social creative

Carousels, stories, vertical video, photos, links, Nova supports any social creative. Just copy the link and Nova does the rest.

02. Generate Nova ad tag

The new ad is customizable to any color scheme, link to anywhere, and incorporate any click and impression trackers. The entire process takes minutes.

Options when generating a Nova ad tag
Different ad formats Nova supports

03. Scale programmatically

Activate with any DSP or SSP or BYOS (bring your own supply) to open exchange, including PMP, PD, PG Mobile web, app, and desktop 300x250 and 300x600 inventory.

04. Measure results

Leverage all existing trusted third-party measurement providers: viewability, brand safety, attribution and more.

Measurement provider for reach and Impressions

Why Nova works

Results that matter

Social Display works up and down the funnel

  • Extend campaign reach with Social Display on the open web
  • White labeled: Nova’s ad platform can be sold by publishers to brands as their own premium innovation.
  • Video capabilities: in-banner, VAST enabled, or CTV ready video templates easily built from existing assets.

Frictionless creative

Cost efficient high-impact creative for programmatic

  • No new creative production costs or approvals needed for Social Display
  • Avoid delays when display creative is not ready, social creative is always accessible
  • Complement existing social activity across more channels without the creative headaches

Channel diversification

Complement to social platforms
The need for diversity:

  • Reach audiences in new places
  • Reduce the dependency on Facebook
  • Maximize existing creative investments

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