Build bridges, not walls

The walled gardens first lured in advertisers with the promise of reach. They delivered on that promise, and then innovated with beautiful creative formats that until now, have been stuck within their walls.

Why Social Display with Nova works
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The Leader in Social Display

12,000 Social Display campaigns for 5,000 brands in 30+ countries during the past year alone

Social Display with Nova

Brands and agencies use Social Display with Nova to repurpose social creative built for walled gardens like Facebook and Instagram to run programmatically, at scale, on the open web.

Introducing Nova Stories

Nova launches Stories, providing the tools for advertisers to run the hottest brand format on social media across the open Web.

Why Social Display

Results that matter

Enable programmatic display to work harder

Frictionless creative

Improve display creative without the added costs

Channel diversification

Reduce the dependency on Facebook

Thousands of brands activate Social Display with Nova

Mc Donald's
American Express
Red Bull

The most effective creative in every channel

The Future of Advertising



The state of digital media Q1 2021

Industry trends to watch in 2021, global ad spend forecasts and insights into the future of work. 

facebook takes over the world.png


Facebook takes over the world

Facebook will soon become the largest advertising company in the world, even larger than Google. 



Advertising creative during a crisis

We are not only witness to, but all active participants now in an ocean of crises. 

Light bulbs hanging from ceiling

The Future of Work

Now is the ideal moment to experiment with how culture is built, how clients are serviced and how businesses are scaled.

Build bridges, not walls

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