Take Your Best YouTube Ads Beyond YouTube

October 31, 2023

Easily convert any YouTube ad into video units you can run cross-platform on the open Web in a matter of minutes.

The Value of extending beyond YouTube:

  • Reach new audiences on the open Web.
  • Gain more inventory and visibility into where video ads are served.
  • Add third-party tracking for trusted measurement.
  • Diversify against rising costs and competition on YouTube.
  • Amplify your existing YouTube strategy

How it Works


Where can I run my YouTube ads outside of YouTube?

You can run YouTube ads across all programmatically enabled ad inventory.

How will views of my YouTube ads be measured?

Ads will be measured based on standard video activity metrics. Views will not count toward your public facing view count on YouTube.

Do YouTube ads behave just like ads on YouTube?

Yes, with the notable exception that YouTube ads are not skippable.

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