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Social Display enables Trade Desk clients to repurpose the best creatives built for social platforms to be activated at scale on the open web.

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Why Social Display works for Trade Desk partners

Results that matter

Social Display works up and down the funnel

  • Extend campaign reach with Social Display on the open web.
  • Video capabilities: in-banner, VAST enabled, or CTV ready video templates easily built from existing assets.

Frictionless creative

Cost efficient high-impact creative for programmatic

  • No new creative production costs or approvals needed for Social Display
  • Avoid delays when display creative is not ready, social creative is always accessible
  • Complement existing social activity across more channels without the creative headaches

Channel diversification

Complement to social platforms
The need for diversity:

  • Reach audiences in new places
  • Reduce the dependency on Facebook and other platforms
  • Maximize existing creative investments

Format showcase

Social Display formats, across all social creative types

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Campaign showcase

Over 2,000 campaign examples, from every vertical

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Instant Mockup Tool

Quickly generate mockups of ads in flight.

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Client presentation

Download a presentation that explains Social Display


One pager

Download a one pager that introduces Social Display


Case studies

Research backed case studies of how Social Display delivers value

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