Case study

Film brand increases movie ticket sales intent using Social Display with Nova.


Increase in intent to buy movie tickets compared to standard display

kids watching movie in theatre


Leading up to the movie release, this film brand wanted to increase ticket sales through their display ads.


By using Social Display with Nova, this film brand was able to increase sales intent, awareness of the movie, and likelihood of customers to talk about the movie with family and friends.

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The brand saw 75 thousand impressions, a viewable CTR of 1.44%, and 13.7 seconds average in-view time.




Viewable CTR


In-view time

Formats used

Creative source: Facebook

Creative format: Video

people watching movie in theatre

"Our goals in digital are to drive box office results at launch. Social Display delivered 22% better purchase intent than other digital formats"

Thousands of brands activate Social Display with Nova

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