Carousels Technical Specs

User Experience

Familiar UX to top Social Platforms

  • Tap arrows to navigate between slides 

  • Each slide has a dynamic CTA and landing page

  • CTA button and Brand Text clicks out to destination URL on tap/click

  • Mute/unmute feature for video with audio

Desktop and Mobile Compatibility

Land Rover Carousel.gif


Ad size

300x600 or 300x250 standard display units

Right-rail or in-article

Flexible or fixed size format

Nova tag will automatically render a flexible sized format, ideal for right-rail and in-article display inventory


Option to generate a fixed sized tag for 300x250, 300x600 or 320x480

Polar Landing Pages - Phone Mockup (33).png


Ad size

300x250 standard display units

In-article and in-feed

Mobile Web

Flexible size format: Nova tag will automatically resize dynamically to be larger than 300x250

Mobile App

Nova tag will automatically recognize the non-resizable inventory and render a fixed 300x250 sized version of the creative

Increase product engagement and sales conversions through carousels that allow for slide-specific copy, CTA and destinations.

Why Stories

Results that matter

Enable programmatic display to work harder

Frictionless creative

Improve display creative without the added costs

Channel diversification

Reduce the dependency on Facebook

Creative Specifications


Expand brand reach

Brand Logo

  • File type: jpg or png

  • Recommended ratio: 1:1 (square)

  • Width: min 100px, max 500px

  • Height: min 100px, max 500px

  • Max file size: 2MB


Brand Name

  • Text: max 25 characters


CTA (call-to-action) button

  • Button label: 25 characters until truncation

  • Font color can be customized with hex value or color picker

  • Button color: 6 digit hex code

  • Default is #31B0D5 (Instagram bright blue), can be customized

  • Can provide different click-through URLs for each slide or keep the same

Hollister Carousel.gif


Boost Engagement with Carousels


  • Supported file type: jpg, png, or gif (static or animated) 

  • Width: min 500px, max 1,222px

  • Height: min 262px, max 640px 

  • File size max: 2 MB per image


Video asset

  • Supported file type: mp4

  • Recommended video ratio: between 9:16 and 16:9

  • Width: min 320px, max 720px

  • Duration: Less than 15 seconds

  • File size max: 2 MB per video


Headline and Description (optional)

  • Can customize per scene or keep the same for all scenes

  • Title: 30 characters until automatic truncation

  • Description: 100 characters until automatic truncation


Build bridges, not walls